Kamome gallery is for experiment exhibition and looking for the concept.
When someone ignores small things, but for other one is important.
Here is very tiny space but the space is for something important.

Call for artists

Would you like to open your exhibition in Kamome gallery?
If you are an artist and will come to Choshi, please send me your website or photos of your artwork on E-mail.
If we have interest, let’s talk about your work.
We can speak poor English and a little bit German.

Kamome gallery

9-32 Chuoh-cho, Choshi-shi
Chiba-ken, Japan
(In the front desk of Kamome hotel)

Tel: +81 479 22 6255(Kamome hotel)

Open 7 days a week
For public 17:00-20:00
For guset of Kamome hotel 16:00-22:00

Kamome hotel